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While I still do a lot of motor and prop testing it is something I stopped publishing on this Wiki in 2011. I do still publish some of my prop testing but lately this has been kept to just multi-rotor and a few FPV applications. The reason I have stopped is the enormous amount of time it takes to sort out and put together the results and there are other excellent sights doing the same work with much more comprehensive and consistent data to look through. These sites include:

Lots of motor and prop information here across many brands and sizes

Some of the best prop charts by motor (Scorpion and Cobra) on the web today

An excellent comparitive prop and motor calculator

So, the links listed here are basically charts and images of my own personal (previous) bench tests. The tests are run using the same batteries I fly with (sorry, no expensive power suppy!) and all tests are done with a fully charged battery unless otherwise noted. As a general rule, these tests constitute a sloped or stepped test snapshot of performance. For information on my test set-up, please see My Test Bench

Motor Test Results

Astro Mighty Micro 010 Geared
Balsa Products BP8Y Outrunner
Balsa Products BP2217-6 Outrunner
Balsa Products BP2217-9 Outrunner
Balsa_Products_BP3520-7 Outrunner
E-Flite Park 400-920 Outrunner
HXT_2835-2200 Outrunner
Mega Motors RCn400/15/7 Outrunner
Mega Motors 16/15/4 Geared Inrunner
Mega Motors 16/15/7 Inrunner
Mega_Motors 22/30/3 Geared Inrunner
Model Motors AXI2826-10

Motor Max M400T
Precision Aerobatics Thrust 30 Outrunner
RimFire 60-650 Outrunner
Scorpion 4035-330 Outrunner
Scorpion 3026-710 VII Outrunner
Turnigy NTM3536A-1400 Outrunner
Turnigy SK3530-1400 Outrunner
Turnigy SK3542-1000 Outrunner
Turnigy SK4240-750 Outrunner
Turnigy SK4250-650 Outrunner
Motrofly 2610-1100 Outrunner
Motrofly 2815-930 Outrunner

Prop Comparisons

Prop Test - 10" Multirotor Props
Prop Test - More 10" Multirotor Props
Prop Test - 9 and 10 inch props for FPV
Prop Test - 9" and 10" Multirotor Props
Prop Test - Aeronaut vs. APC
Prop Test - Four 9x6 Props
Prop Test - Four Props for the Mini Talon

Test Equipment & Tools

My Test Bench
The Bench Tester (Version 1)  

See Also

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