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Planes I Have Built & Flown

Many of the planes I have picked up along the way since getting back into this awesome hobby in 2003:

GWS E-Starter

  GWS E-Starter  April 2003
Mountain Models Dandy

  Mountain Models Dandy  August 2003
Wattage Extra 330L

  Wattage Extra 330L  September 2003
GWS Slow Stick

  GWS Slow Stick  October 2003
Sig LT 25

  Sig LT 25  July 2004
Great Planes Dazzler

  Great Planes Dazzler  August 2004
North East Sailplanes Vermont Belle

  North East Sailplanes Vermont Belle  April 2005
Precision Aerobatics Extra 260

  Precision Aerobatics Extra 260  June 2008
Electrify Lancair

  Electrify Lancair  July 2008
Sukhoi SU-26

  Sukhoi SU-26  February 2009
Plane Insane 34" Assassin

  Plane Insane 34" Assassin  March 2009
3DHS Yak 55 Foamy

  3DHS Yak 55 Foamy  June 2009
E-Flite Ascent

  E-Flite Ascent-UNDER_RE-WRITE  May 2010
Great Planes Cherokee 60

  Great Planes Cherokee 60  August 2010
Hanger 9 Funtana 125

  Hanger 9 Funtana 125  November 2010
Goldwing MX2

  Goldwing 57" MX2  March 2011
Hyperion Sniper X II

  Hyperion Sniper X II  April 2011
Extreme Flight Edge 540T

  Extreme Flight Edge 540T  May 2011
FancyFoam 32" Edge 540

  FancyFoam 32" Edge 540-UNDER_RE-WRITE  May 2011
DWFoamies 40" Juka

  DWFoamies 40" Juka  September 2011
Valley View RC 50cc Slick 540

  Valley View RC 50cc Slick 540  December 2011
DWFoamies 40" Juka II

  DWFoamies 40" Juka II-UNDER_RE-WRITE  February 2012
Aerobeez 57" Extra 330-50EP

  Aerobeez 57" Extra 330-50EP  March 2012

FPV Planes Past and Current

Some of my "Unmanned Aerial Systems" :)

FinwingHobby FPV Penguin

  FinwingHobby FPV Penguin  December 2012
PopWing 1300

  PopWing 1300 FPV Wing  March 2014
Zeta FX-61 Phantom Wing

  Zeta FX-61 Phantom Wing  October 2014
Talon X-UAV from FPV Model

  Talon X-UAV from FPV Model  March 2015
Mini Talon X-UAV from FPV Model

  Mini Talon X-UAV from FPV Model  January 2016
Zeta FX-61 Phantom Wing Number 2

  Zeta FX-61 Phantom Wing Number 2  April 2016
Mini Talon X-UAV Build Number 2

  Mini Talon X-UAV Build Number 2  August 2016

The Multi-Squad

A.K.A. "Drones" or More Props = More Fun

Turnigy Talon V2

  Turnigy Talon V2  June 2012
Turnigy Talon V2 - Part Duex

  Turnigy Talon V2 - Part Duex  November 2012
Team Black Sheep - TBS Discovery

  Team Black Sheep - TBS Discovery  October 2012
Hoverthings HT-FPV Quad

  Hoverthings HT-FPV Quad  September 2012
Hoverthings Parts Bin Quad

  Hoverthings Parts Bin Quad  October 2013

  TriHEXACOP!  March 2014