Prop Test - 9" and 10" Multirotor Props

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December 2012

Prop dwg.jpg

About this test

This prop comparison covers some of the props I use on my quads. In here you will find various 9" and 10" props which is what sizes I am currently flying.

The charts below represent static performance which does not take into account the actual affects of flexibility/stiffness, prop weight or airfoil shape. What they do show are some efficiency differences. The numbers highlighted in green are the best and red the worst.

On the top chart all tests are normalized on the supply voltage. This is done by running each test at wide open throttle until the test voltage is reached. This gives a good view of the differences in propellor performance. The column, "T/100W", is a simple efficiency measure of thrust per 100 watts.

The bottom chart was normalized on Thrust. This shows how each prop performs relative to keeping a constant thrust. The first column, runtime, is a theoretical time measure showing the relative difference each prop has at this steady state. The graph shown below is a sample of how the data is charted off the bench tester.

I'm always looking for an efficient power system and this usually means a high quality prop. With that I threw seven props on the Bench Tester, three 9" and 4 10" with a 3S pack and an 2217-1100 Supo motor to see what they would do. The props I selected for this are well known:

Normalized test results

Graph of the Graupner 9 x 5 eProp