Motrofly 2815-930 Outrunner

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July 2011

Drive System Information and Test Results
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Test Results

Test results are done "On the bench" using the Medusa Research Power Analyser Pro data acquisition module with a bench mounted test stand. Run times vary depending on the power range and motor type. Data sampling either follows a ramp up to full (100%) power or a step and hold function at 0, 25, 50, 75 & 100% Throttle. System power is provided by a common flight battery pack and is used, without re-charge, for several tests. All summary results are "best case" average or stable at the given measure.


Data Values

Chart represents collected data on two Slow Fly APC propellers.


As tested weight - XX grams
Includes X mount, shaft collar and prop adapter with prop nut and washer.

Tested Kv - XXX RPM/v
RPM Value at 10.0 volts