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How-To Pages

Some of my methods, madness and fun

How To - Build a Mobile Launcher

  How To - Build a Mobile Launcher  June 2015
How To - Build an 18650 Li-Ion Pack

  How To - Build an 18650 Li-Ion Pack  January 2015
How To - Build Carbon Fiber Pushrods

  How To - Build Carbon Fiber Pushrods  April 2008
How To - DragonLink MicroRX Channel Assignments

  How To - DragonLink MicroRX Channel Assignments  December 2014
How To - FTDI Driver Clean-up

  How To - FTDI Driver Clean-up  August 2014
How To - Make Your Own G10 Parts

  How To - Make Your Own G10 Parts  June 2014
How To - Martinez Brushless Gimbal Controller Set-Up

  How To - Martinez Brushless Gimbal Controller Set-Up  October 2012
How To - Motor Balancing

  How To - Motor Balancing  November 2012
How To - Prop Balancing

  How To - Prop Balancing  November 2012
How To - Set-Up a Pusher Style Folding Prop

  How To - Set-Up a Pusher Style Folding Prop  September 2015
How To - Create a Kevlar Skid Shield

  How To - Create a Kevlar Skid Shield  August 2015
How To - Set-Up an LRS Relay

  How To - Set-Up an LRS Relay  January 2015

Gimbal Build Projects

Gimbals have been an Obsession at times!

TBS Discovery Gimbal Project

  TBS Discovery Gimbal Project   - May 2013
Easy Brushless Gimbal

  Easy Brushless Gimbal   - August 2013
Super Simple Gimbal

  Super Simple Gimbal   - March, 2014
Mobius 3 Axis Vertical Brushless Gimbal

  Mobius 3 Axis Vertical Brushless Gimbal   - November 2014
Mobius 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal

  Mobius 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal  (Under Const) - November 2014
Talon X-UAV Mobius Gimbal Project

  Talon X-UAV Mobius Gimbal Project   - April 2015
Pan & Tilt Brushless Gimbal

  Pan & Tilt Brushless Gimbal   - August 2015
Servo Pan Plus 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal

  Servo Pan Plus 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal   - January 2016

Servo Pan & Tilts

Something I haven't tried till late last year (2015) is a simple Pan & Tilt. This then are my versions and attempts to get this idea to work well.

Simple Centered Pan & Tilt

  Simple Centered Pan & Tilt   - February 2016
Forward Offset Pan & Tilt

  Forward Offset Pan & Tilt   - February 2016
Heavy Duty Pan & Tilt

  Heavy Duty Pan and Tilt   - September 2016 Star ani.gifNEWStar ani.gif

Other 3D Print Projects

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Here are a few bits and pieces I've designed, printed and used with good success. Most of these can be found on Thingiverse as well - Mark_Q Designs

OrangeRX Transmitter (TX) Cover

  OrangeRX Transmitter (TX) Cover   - August 2014
Turnigy 9XR & 9XR Pro Feet and Stand

  Turnigy 9XR & 9XR Pro Feet and Stand   - August 2014
Collapsible Bungee Tow Hook

  Collapsible Bungee Tow Hook   - March 2015
Mini Talon Collapsible Launch Hook

  Mini Talon Collapsible Launch Hook   - October 2016
FPV Video Transmitter Case

  FPV Video Transmitter Case   - September 2015
DragonLink MicroRX Saddle Mount

  DragonLink MicroRX Saddle Mount   - July 2016
Battery Strap Well

  Battery Strap Well   - September 2016
SMA Antenna Wrench

  SMA Antenna Wrench   - June 2016
FPV Box Camera Mounts

  FPV Box Camera Mounts   - September 2015
FPV Board Camera Mounts

  FPV Board Camera Mounts   - November 2015

  TBA   - Date 201x