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November 2012

TVP2 001.jpg
The New V2 with new bottom plate, landing gear and no FPV

I flew the Talon V2 a bunch on both the Quadrino and the Naza flight controllers. Once the bugs in each system were worked out both were pretty much trouble free. The Naza board is now in my TBS Discovery quad and working great with the Naza GPS as a mid range FPV ship. The Talon had been apart and back together many times as a test bed and I finally decided to make it an LOS GoPro ship without FPV. I'm running it on the Quadrino v1E board and will add the new Flying Einstein GPS when it becomes available.For more information on the original Talon build please go to the Talon V2 build page .

The changes I made in this rebuild started with cutting out a new lower frame plate out of 2mm CF. I made this change to get more real estate to attach a larger battery. I also removed all the LED lights and cleaned up the wiring.

TVP2 002.jpg
The new bottom board pattern (drilled)

TVP2 003.jpg
Cutting the pattern with a thin dremel wheel

TVP2 004.jpg
Ready for detailing and assembly

I also purchased the landing gear bits from the Hobby King H.A.L. Quad frame. For the moment and in the pictures you will see I made wood mounts for the landing gear. This will be changed out for the aluminum mounts when this last part becomes available.

TVP2 006.jpg
View of the new bottom board and landing gear

Other modifications on this rebuild were to cut down the tubes to give a 510mm size. This was done because of multiple test "scenarios" (crashes) weakening the tube ends. I also got rid of the power board connectors and soldered the ESC power wires directly. I will also be adding a tilt pivot on the GoPro which will be actuated by one of the knobs on my transmitter.

General Specifications - Part Deux

Build Date - November 2012

Airframe Type - Multi-rotor Quad-X Flying Type - LOS Aerial Photography
Motor Centers = 510mm / 20.0" Propellor Span = 29.0"
Rotor Area = 254 sq. inches Weight w/GoPro = 48.1oz
Motor - NTM 28-26 1000Kv Rotor Load = 27.2 oz/sq. ft.
Propellor - 9 x 4.7 Gemfan Power = Up to 800 watts
Thrust = 128 ounces Thrust/Weight = 2.66
Battery Type - Lipoly 3s1p Capacity = 3300mah, 35C
Speed Control - Turnigy Blue Series 30A BEC - Internal 4.8v

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