MqX Mini Video Project

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September 2012

Got mqX? Got Keychain CAM?

mqX Mini Video Project Notes

This little project came about because I had an 808 Keychain cam and a Blade mqX Quad! The Keychain camera is an HD video camera which shoots pretty amazing video at 720p and 30fps. It runs on a 1S lipo which is perfect because so does the mqX.

Bust it out

First, pop open the case and unscrew the camera pcb. disconect the battery and remove it. I found a matching battery plug and pigtail on ebay for a couple bucks.

Camera, case and pigtail

Next I cut a small piece of Depron foam to use as a mount. Balsa would work just fine too. I notched one side to fit over the plastic parts so the camera wouldn't slide around.

Depron mount with notches

I already had the battery JST connectors so I put together a plug to accomodate the new camera.

Plug set-up

Last, I mounted the camera pcb to the Depron with double sided foam tape and used a thin velcro strap to hold the whole thing against the frame. The set-up program that comes with the camera allows the image to be flipped so now the buttons can face down for accessability.

Mounted up with the buttons facing down.

Side profile! Total weight add for this was 10.8 grams and the copter flys this payload just fine.

Very stealthy!

And now a video!!!

The Blade mqX first vid flight!