How To - Build a VTx 12v Regulator

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January, 2018

VTXPS 0.jpg


This article shows how to make a very simple and reliable linear 12v filtered regulator to power a VTx or 12v FPV camera. It uses an LC filter purchased from Ready Made RC and an LM340T 12v regulator circuit. It is very compact and will deliver 1.5A.


The four parts I used for this are shown below:

Total cost (for me) at the time of writing was $7.22 USD.

Regulator Circuit

I pulled the regulator circuit directly from the LM340T data sheet:


Proto Board

I used a small piece of proto board to mount the four components:

VTXPS 2.jpg

Completed Unit

My completed unit has connectors for a JST battery plug, VTX servo connector and OSD servo connector.

VTXPS 1.jpg

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Vendors used for this project

  • ReadyMadeRC
  • Digikey

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