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This is the third version of the itsqv site coming online in January, 2016. The first site was put together in 2003 and was basically a place to share pictures and stories between family and friends as well as publish an online version of our family's past history.

The second version was the first I used the MediaWiki software platform which has proven very easy to use and reliable. During the time version two has been online it has morphed into a hobby site primarily showing my experiences, work and fun in the RC Model hobby. There is also a few articles noting some of my political views as well as other strange stuff.

Now we are on version three. This change was made because there were technical issues arising from upgrades in the programming languages that could only be resolved by a complete rebuild. That work is complete as of this writing and hopefully won't have to be done again for some years.

Please enjoy what you find here and drop me a line if you see something strange, questionable or just "wrong" and I will do my best to help you understand or perhaps fix or remove what you may have found. Also, don't hesitate to make suggestions if you have something you think I would like to showcase.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement over the years - Mark

What's Here

This Wiki serves as my place to collect stuff about my main hobby, RC Model building and flying.

Principly what you will find on these pages is some of the build logs (articles) I have put together on a few of my planes and multicopters and other assorted projects. You will also find a few "How-To" articles which serve to help folks with understanding my techniques or methods in my builds or modifications.

There are also articles I have published or written elswhere and just other interesting stuff (to me!) I have added over the years.

What you will not find here are political rants or negative social commentary although there may be an "opinion" or two.

Wiki Facts

Website version - v3.0 released - January, 2016
Current Platform - MediaWiki v1.26
Original Site Created - June, 2003
First Wiki Version - July, 2008
Wiki Admin - Mark_Q

Contact Information

If you would like to contact me, please send me an email by clicking the link below:

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