DragonLink MicroRX Saddle Mount

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3D Print
September 2016

  It's all about 3D

A Simple Solution

One thing that has always driven me crazy is the fact that radio receiver and ESC manufacturers never seem to add mount holes or tabs to their board components. This means we hobbyists have to figure out a way to mount them safely, securely and with adequate cooling.

The DragonLink MicroRX is one such board component. It is an outstanding Long Range receiver but mounting it is rarely well done because of the irregular surfaces. This then is a simple 3D print to alleviate this problem. The receiver simply sits in a saddle with one or two small rubber bands to hold it securely and safely in place. The saddle can then be fastened to a flat clean surface with small flat head screws or your favorite servo tape product.

Printed saddle mount with DragonLink RX

Side view showing clearance

Mounted with rubber band

Project Print Files

Here is a link to the file package for this project:

DragonLink MicroRX Saddle Mount

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