X-UAV Mini Talon Build Number 4

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© Mark Qvale - May, 2017

  Number 4!

Introduction - Mini Talon Number 4

On this, my sixth MT build and 4th owned, I have designed and printed a few new parts and decided to go a little lighter. I am using my favorite Cobra motor, folding prop, APM, Mobius, etc, etc, etc. For more information please see my builds for MT#1 and MT#2 at the bottom of this page.

General Specifications

Distributor - BangGood USA
Aircraft - X-UAV Mini Talon
Build Date - April 2017

Airframe Type -  Top Wing V-Tail FPV Specialist All-Up Weight -  55oz (1565g) w/ 4S/5200 Pack
Wingspan -  51 inches (1300mm)   59oz (1670g) w/ 4S/6600 Pack
Length -  33 inches (830mm)   63oz (1776g) w/ 4S/8000 Pack
Wing Area -  3.23 ft^2 (30dm^2) *Wing Load w/5.2-4S -  17.0 oz/ft^2 (52g/dm^2)
Motor -  Cobra 2221/16-940kv Max Continuous Power (4S) -  375 watts continuous (4S)
Propeller -  9 x 7 Aeronaut Cam Carbon Folder Max Prop Power -  325 watts @ 2550ft ASL
Static Thrust -  1150 @ 2550ft ASL *Static Thrust/Weight -  0.73
Battery Type -  4S1P Lipo Battery Capacity -  5200mah/10C
In flight efficiency -  TBA Flight Time -  TBA
COG -  60mm @ Wing root (Stock) *With the  5200mAh pack 

Flight Gear

The following are some of my selected components with links to some of my favorite vendors.

Power Set-up

For power on this build I have chosen the Cobra 2221/16-940kv. For an ESC, I am using a HobbyKing Blue Series 40A with extra Low ESR capacitors added.

For more informaion on setting up a pusher folding prop - How To - Set-Up a Pusher Style Folding Prop
  • Battery - Multistar 4S/5200, 10C

MT4 8.jpg

Power Test

Each prop run is ten seconds at wide open throttle with a battery starting voltage of 4.1v per cell (16.4v). This test is repeated three times and the results are then averaged to mean values for direct comparison.

MT PropTest.jpg

Flight Control

For flight control I have chosen another APM 2.8 from Ready to Fly Quads. It is very inexpensive and in my experience completely reliable.

w/Arduplane 3.4

RC Control

For radio gear I am using my standard DragonLink V2 system. I have made a new Antenna holder for the DL dipole that puts the lower element burried inside the lower fin.

MT4 1.jpg
Antenna mount print parts

MT4 4.jpg
Mounted on MT4


For an OSD I am again using the Micro MinimOSD which is reliable and easy to set-up with the APM. A big advantage is the size as I am able to servo-tape a 4 pin servo connector on top of the APM case and simply plug the OSD into the connector. I am using the MinimOSD Extra firmware version r800 because it has been ultra stable for me and has the display features I like.

w/Firmware r800

MT4 13.JPG

Video Downlink

For the video downlink I am using an RMRC 1.2/1.3G VTx with a DragonLink video dipole. I will either run 200, 400 or 800mw depending on where and how I am flying. For an FPV camera I have selected a Fatshark V2 700tvl unit because of its size and decent performance.

Airframe Build and Assembly

For this build I developed a few new 3D printed parts to make component installation even easier and a little lighter than previous builds. Here are pics of the new components:

MT4 3.jpg
Canopy mounts and VTx saddle

MT4 10.jpg
Canopy gear loaded in

The canopy I printed for this build has a custom cut-out in front for the Fatshark FPV camera and my standard 4 bolt mount on top for either a cover, a lightweight pan and tilt or a plain Mobius mount plate (shown). The Mobius mount plate can be raised on stand-offs if necessary.

MT4 11.jpg
Canopy installed with Mobius mount plate and Fatshark FPV camera

MT4 12.jpg
Loaded up with the Mobius Mini

MT4 20.JPG
Optional bolt-on Pan and Tilt

MT4 6.jpg
Inside showing rear deck, APM PM mount and APP connector mount

MT4 7.jpg
Rear inside showing ESC raised deck and wire-tie clips

MT4 2.jpg
New NACA style vent which is contoured to fit the hatch

As per usual I mounted my front and rear ABS skids and battery strap well.

MT4 14.JPG

Gear Deck

My new printed gear deck has new threaded deck clips which are smaller and easier (I think) to set-up. It is still big enough for a standard APM FC and also a Matek Duo dual output regulator underneath.

MT4 15.JPG

As I have done with all my MT builds, there is a USB extension plug which, through a small cut-out in the fuse, makes it very easy to plug the flight controller into my laptop without having to open up the plane or move wires around, etc.

MT4 16.JPG
USB plug


On the tail linkage I used a similar set-up as on MT#1,2 & 3. That is I used spherical rod ends to deal with the high miss-alignment caused by the stock geometry which puts the linkage at an angle to the control surface. The one difference on this build is I used 2-56 (.072") threaded rods and Dubro Kwik-Clips instead of soldered brass couplers.

MT4 18.JPG


Nothing new or special here. I added 1" (25mm) of 3 mil laminate to the leading edge. Linkage is the same as the elevators and servos are Emax ES08MA (Analogue).

Some Graphics

It's always tough for me coming up with a color scheme that is different and isn't too ugly :)

MT4 22.JPG
You have to have a patch!

MT4 24.JPG
Decals and Paint

MT4 23.JPG
Another top view

Maiden Video!

Video TBA


Changed the front canopy to accomodate a new RunCam Split pan and tilt
STL print files - TBA


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Project 3D Print Files

The following are the 3D print ZIP files shown in this build.

Some of the Vendors I used for this project

R/C Dude Hobbies
Ready To Fly Quads
Aloft Hobbies
Ready Made RC

Comments? Questions?

email me!